Our Pain, 2023   |   view more
16min 10sec, 4096 × 1716 pixel, music by Makoto Itabashi
Synopsis:  Our common pain, although experienced individually and uniquely, is what connects us. It is the ambiguity and variety of our existence that allows us to imagine an infinity of variables, some of these alternatives may be malignant, and some benign.
Leaking Life, 2019   |   view more
14min 32sec, 4096 × 2160 pixel, music by Makoto Itabashi
Synopsis:  Thousands of them are packed in a bag. The hand dragging the bag has never been seen from their angle. The track on sand is easily erased by waves. Touching the surface of the sea, they grow a new skin.
Down Escalation, 2018   |   view more
07min 20sec, 4096 × 2160 pixel, music by Makoto Itabashi
Synopsis:  Falling down, it feels ecdysone is filling up its body.
Delving into the deeper layers of itself, the flesh is melted down in the shell until the form is no longer.
Interstitial, 2017   |   view more
06min 45sec, 4096 × 2160 pixel
Synopsis:  The space-less is still in a space, because it is on the continuous horizon.
Railment, 2017   |   view more
09min 40sec, 1998 × 1080 pixel, music by Jack Stevens
Synopsis:  In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position.
The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a distortion.
Remember, 2015   |   more drawings
09min 24sec, 1920 × 1080 pixel, music by Jack Stevens, cello by Evie O'Driscoll
Synopsis:  "Leaving home, 'I' got a phone call. As 'I' answered it, the house exploded.
'I' went to work and continued as normal"...
Transform Fault, 2015
04:46sec, 1920 × 814 pixel, HD video, 35mm photography
Synopsis:  Panoramic photography emphasizes an invisible observer at the centre. The observer has a superiority toward subjects as a complete insider. Panoramic view might come from a human desire of observing, grasping and owning the whole of nature. The film captures its movement as a being, and tries to visualize the observer and its fault owing to that it's observed.
music video "Sinnes Spøkelse", 2015   |   watch full film
04min 45sec, 1920 × 1080 pixel, music by Andre Aurdal
Synopsis:  Andre Aurdal shares his thoughts on the stresses of a restless relationship. Waking hours, sleepless nights trying to find the signs of human emotion hidden beneath layers of mask so thick we forget who we are beneath them.
A Process of how it seeks itself, it eats itself, 2013
05min 41sec, 1920:1080 pixel, sound by Jack Stevens
Synopsis:  How does one perceive others, and others perceive oneself? How do animals perceive and categorise us? This work attempts to understand the fragility of one's existence when perceived by other human beings and animals, the superiority one has above animals one has consumed, and yet the self alienation one feels with this new taste.
music video "Softly", 2013   |   watch full film
05min 36sec, 1920 × 1080 pixel, music by Lucidalabrador
The Old man and the Sea, 2011
06min 43sec, 1280 × 960 pixel
Synopsis: Simply rippling in the distance, the sea has no reply. Stunned and at a point amidst the blue expanse, the old man thinks. 
Day of Judgement, 2007   |   watch full film
02mi 06sec, 720 × 486 pixel
It is Hayashi's first film, made in 2007 when he was in junior high school.
 LEAKING LIFE - Shunsaku Hayashi Short Films
1. Leaking Life (2019) / 14m32s 2. Day of Judgement (2007) / 2m06s 3. The Old Man and the Sea (2011) / 6m43s 4. Sinnes Spøkelse (2015) / 4m45s 5. Remember (2015) / 9m24s 6. Railment (2017) / 9m40s 7. Interstitial (2017) / 6m45s 8. Down Escalation (2018) / 7m20s