"Panchiko - Gwen Everest", 2023
03min 15sec, 3840 × 2160 pixel, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Panchiko 
Synopsis:  A single movement provokes another - without freedom of choice or question. There’s no hope to break from the inevitable, and no sound can escape as it collapses and folds in on us, reverberating and enveloping us entirely. We’re each held in place, helpless and hopelessly searching. A true measure of faith.
"Panchiko - Portraits", 2023
03min 52sec, 3840 × 2160 pixel, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Panchiko 
Synopsis:  Portrait is a spotlight of a moment in someone’s life.  A highlight of a memory, an evidence of being. This moment represents not only a single point in time - it is a portrait of an infinite expanse.
"An Alien Called Harmony - After The Dance", 2022
03min 23sec, 1920 × 1080 pixel, Words by Nadeem Din-Gabisi and MettaShiba, Composed by MettaShiba 
Synopsis:  This work is inspired by the realisation that someone you thought you knew has changed in frightening ways. Our understanding of people is mediated by our own experience, limited, and the indirect ritualism of relationships is like dance or sport.