Railment, 2017   |   trailer   |   more paintings   |   more drawings   |   more watercolour
09min 40sec, 1920 × 1080 pixel, music by Jack Stevens

In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position.
The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a distortion.

“I felt transported into Shunsaku’s dream-state of being,” Baxter told CreativeFuture. “He has an exquisite feel for color and composition. There is a sense of being alive and separate from others, the pain of that as well as the freedom to turn inwardly and explore. It’s an aesthetic that feels of the moment but doesn’t follow any trends. It’s like seeing humanity from above.”
" There are some films a viewer cannot pin down with literal words, plot synopses, character evaluations. Shunsaku Hayashi’s Railment is one of those films: a film that leaves the audience feeling as though they have experienced something profound and otherworldly, but that they cannot pin down directly. I myself have no interest in pinning this project down, but instead in understanding how the un-pinability of the project is working."
"One might say the height of animation is to function in and thereby demonstrate subjective reality. Hayashi shows us the height of animation might do that, but also more: it might conflate the subjective and objective world in a project that claims to be neither yet dwells in both."
2018.01.26   22nd Slamdance Film Festival, USA < Creative Future Award >
2017.03.21   55th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA < Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Fiilm 
         06.02   44. Festival of Nations, Austria < "Lenz" for Best Animated Film >
         06.14   10th Porto7 - Oporto Iternational Film Festival, Portogal < Honorable Mention>
         07.18   NonPlussed Fest, USA < Jury Award for Best Narrative Short>
         08.08   2nd The Black Sea Film Festival, Romania < Best Animation >
         08.30   16th Concorto Film Festival, Italy < Prize Sbandato d'Argento >
         09.14   29th Girona Film Festival, Spain < Millor Exp.art>

2017.03.02   3rd Manchester Film Festival 2017, UK
         03.14   19th Mecal Pro, International Short Film and Animation Festival, Spain
         03.16   2nd Indie-Lincs International Film Festival, UK
         03.16   12th Athens Animfest 2017, Greece
         03.21   55th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA
         03.31   1st Pickurflick Indie Film Festival, India
         04.04   29th FILMFEST DRESDEN, Germany
         04.05   Capital City Film Festival, USA
         04.21   The Earth Day Film Festival, USA
         05.03   19th Maryland Film Festival, USA
         05.10   8th Skepto International Film Festival, Spain
         05.18   13th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2017, Greece
         05.21   Sekainikuiwoutsu vol.1, Japan
         05.24   3rd Mammoth Lakes FilmFestival, USA
         06.01   12th Berkshire International Film Festival, USA
         06.01   1st Buddha International Film Festival, India
         06.02   44. Festival of Nations, Austria
         06.14   10th Porto7 - Oporto Iternational Film Festival, Portogal
         06.14   4th Literally Short Film Festival, USA
         06.18   Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
         06.20   19th International Environmental Film and Video Festival, Brazil
         06.20   23rd Palm Springs International Shortfest, USA
         06.23   7th Oderkurz-Filmspektakel, Germany
         07.18   NonPlussed Fest, USA
         07.30   Counterpath, USA
         08.04   16th Dokufest - International Documentary and Short Film Festival
         08.08   2nd The Black Sea Film Festival, Romania
         08.14   8th Anibar Animation Festival, Kosovo
13th BUSHO - The Budapest Short International Film Festival, Hungry
         08.30   16th Concorto Film Festival, Italy
29th Girona Film Festival, Spain
         10.09   Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Japan
         10.12   15th Tall Grass Film Festival, USA
         10.23   55th Ann Arbor Film Fetival Traveling Tour at RISD, USA
         11.07   3rd Ringerike International Youth Film Festival, Norway
         11.18   59th Zinebi - International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Bilbao, Spain
         11.19   23rd Encounters Festival, USA
2018.01.26   22nd Slamdance Film Festival, USA
         03.16   Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Portugal
         04.16   42nd Atlanta Film Festival, USA
         05.11   10th Leiden International Film Experience 2018, Netherlands
         07.28   Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival, USA
3rd annual Indie Street Film Festival, USA
32nd Image Forum Festival, Japan
22nd Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Thai
14th World Festival of Animated Film, Bullgaria
Paris International Animation Film Festival, France
Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada
AnimaSyros International Animation Festival + Agora, Greece
Queen City Film Festival, USA
         10.12   KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival, Netherlands
         11.03   St Cloud Film Festival, USA
         11.09   Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran
2019.03.19   International Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg, Germany