14/10/23,   "Our Pain" received Jury's mentionat at Animatou Film Festival!
05/09/23,   "Our Pain" won High Risk Award at Fantoche International Animation Film Festival!
01/04/23,   "Our Pain" received Jury's special mention at Animafest Zagreb!
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Statement:  Art has been given the challenge of expressing the limits of human imagination. As the real world delves into insanity, the relation between art and the real world is reversed. Artists encourage viewers to remember and reconsider, and remonstrate and enlighten. That is an important mission of art, but if art is limited to only being serious, or socially-engaged, or educational, people may forget the true potential of art, which is an illusion towards sublimity, and something which can ease tensions dividing us from binomial opposition.  The chaos of the world situation has been accelerating to the point where it seems that art can no longer do anything. Art let us escape from the violence of where each complex emotion is grouped into simple dichotomies and factions, and return to a place where words cannot express themselves. If even art becomes serious in an age when people are tired of correctness, where will there be any place left in this world that will allow human contradiction? I want to close my mouth and encounter something enormous that words cannot describe. I want to feel the energy of the moment when the imagination that comes out from a body grows to a tremendous size. Is such expectations out of date? I would like to face my art practice without forgetting that I am a person who started making art not because I want to say something, but because I want to make.