046: Pet Shop Wonderland/ 22.6.2011. 11:54 PM

When I went a pet shop for no reason, fishes and birds were sold.
They are prised depend on their scarcity value and the rarer it is,
the more expensive it is. I thought how about people.
The rarer, they are dealt as a odd or mud and
become difficult for them to live.
All same all same.
in the situation, there are no value for each person.
I don't want to be a person being sold 5 for 1 pack.

053: A bar code tree and the World Heritage Site Jury/ 28.6.2011. 10:39 PM

World Heritage SIte,
even the nature is evaluated,
everything is bar-coded.
ireact to the event Ogasawara island was approved as a world natural heritage.j

066: However / 8.7.2011. 00:25 AM

When I visited a island in Okayama, which used to use as a isolated sanatorium for leprosy.
As I talked with a old patient after his talk, we knew our elementary school was neighbor so we
become more friendly and go bathhouse together and he treated me a curry and rice in his house.
At the time, he said he honestly couldn't see some serious cases.
As I heard that, I thought I said discrimination is immoral easily,
but I sometimes avoid to see something.
He said it's natural,but I ashamed of my contradiction.

068: Spot the difference / 9.7.2011. 09:45 AM

I discriminate on the basi of colour, race, gender, what one has or doesn't
Even if one is skined and be with only bones and organs,
I would find some differences and do discriminate again.

072: Doors / 9.7.2011. 10:29 PM

Although it seems uncountable doors are in front of me
these all doors also seem to be locked

086: I haven't had name yet. / 21.7.2011. 11:24 PM

I suppose name is crusial part of ourselves. Though, honestlly I'm not good at remembering other
people's names, one can make others recognise him with his name. However, I also like a place
where I don't need to bring my name. I sometimes feel comfortable when I noticed none know my name.
when some on-street questionnaire ask me sign the sheets, I unconsciously modify my name little
bit differense, like "Shunsuke Kobayashi". I'm sometimes scared of the existence of my name.
I like walking alone leaving my name. That's bad situation when I made myself anonymous, I encountere
someone who know me. My name comes back in a hurry. It's shameful that someone see my name breathing hard.
I like traveling alone. I can leave my name and be more anonymous.When I write my name to check
in a hostel, I suddnely can't remind my name which I throwed somewhere on the way.
That's exaggarative.

098: Roving over Gune-Gune (a winding road) / 12.8.2011. 01:57 AM

Many people say “ Failure is better than don’t try ” and “ With effort, all dream will come true”. I don’t like such words.
If someone, who mistook and is in extreme agony said such phrase, it will move me, however if someone who can spend
stable life said such things, it seem to be irresponsible. In my gap year, I worked a part-time job and I noticed one thing.
That is what I can do is only doing art. Since I used to be a good student and not late for class so much and studied earnest
during high school life, I misunderstood myself. I thought I can conform to this society easily, like I did in school. I believed
I sponteniously choose a way to the strange future as an artist, not other ways. Nevertheless, in fact, I realised there is just
only one choice left for me. I quitted a convenience store for 2 days. Though, coworkers were very kind, I couldn’t endure to
be in a small area. After working 1st day, I was suffer from headache and I felt as if my chest were being compressed.
Only when I entered a convenience store, I felt nauseated, as a shop staff reminded me of my working figure.
After working 2nd day, I decided I couldn’t continue it and quitted. It’s too much to say that I had a nervous breakdown,
it was just excuse that I can’t work since I’m an artist, the reason is only that I didn’t have a patience. Then, I was able to
realise that I have only two choices “ art ” or “ finish “ . When my desire to be an artist disappeared, any road won’t remain
in front of me. I’m just trying to step setting foot on the narrow and dark road. In this drawing, I expressed the worry about
the jounery on the road.

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