The East Japan Earthquake

I visited to Tagajo City and Ishinomaki City several days ago to take part in voluntary activity for
reconsruction where dameged because of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I had removed dirt from
a drain and teared down house walls. When the earthquake happened , although I tried to express
my feeling about it, I was not able to do it, because I felt my feelings are superficial. Though it was
a few days activity, I knew what I have to express is only what I felt. At the same time, I asked my
self if I can’t express my feeling by art now, how I can be a real artist ? Then, I drew my messages on
20 sheets of paper for some days.@- 9.6.2011

015: The Numerical Scenery / 4.6.2011. 07:03 PM

At the Fukushima, Aizu service area, the volunteer team took a rest. I went
toilet and breathe. I could see a peaceful sanely such as calm mountains
and a few houses and rice fields. In my home country, TV news always
shows mm Sievert was found in village , × Becquerels was detected
in ~ city . I attempt to believe unfamiliar numerals, however, I couldn’t
believe it when I saw the beautiful sanely. I tried to draw dreary trust and
fear of such numerical value.

017: Nobody is / 5.6.2011. 01:51 PM

There were still much funiture, photograohs and potted plants.
There were still usualness naturally,
only people weren't, I was startled.

018: UNREAL / 5.6.2011. 05:42 PM

When I saw TV news about the earthquake,
though a lot of feelings were born inside my heart,
in fact, I couldn’t believe it.
I doubted me as I might think I was relieved I didn’t suffer from the disaster.
When I visited Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture to participate a volunteer,
I smelled something like decaying compost, walked sticky mud roads and
saw uncountable small flies, which can’t be seen on TV.
Since I went there, I was able to feel “reality” of the disaster by my five senses for the first time.
I knew I have to feel what I must believe by five senses in order not to think just an affair of other people.

019: Remaining Recollection / 5.6.2011. 10:32 PM

I worked to take down houses with a hummer in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture.
When I concentrate on bang, a old coworker said me
“ It’s difficult to believe someone lived in here....” in an undertone.
Suddenly, I felt a existence of someone. He touched this wall, which was being destroyed by me.
I founded videotapes and they said “ the School Excursion ”.
Moreover, I found a regulation of a flat rent. I couldn’t calm down.
TV shows call them “debris”, but it’s not just “debris”.
I can't express it thoughtlessly, however I should express it.

022: Ringing the Living Organ / 7.6.2011. 11:25 AM

An immortal notices his heart is beating and weeps.
He realises he is living.
Ringing heart ( = beating heart ) means the day will come when it stops.
Nevertheless, mortals can become aware of their lives with death.

025: The Audience / 7.6.2011. 07:07 PM

I felt I was looking for something I saw on TV.
The feeling made me shame.

027: mortal / 8.6.2011. 11:39 PM

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