Jubilee Line 011012 monday 06:26 - 24:04
Silk Screen, ink, acrylic, pen, stitch / 11000 × 1080 mm / 2012.11

On 1st of October 2012 from 6 AM until 12PM, I had sketched passengers in trains on jubilee line.
As the time passed, I moved to front and had sketched them all the day long, going and returnig over
between Stratford and Stanmore station, the eastern and western end of Jubiee line. Between zone1
and zone5, trains passes London bridge, Westminster, Baker Street and under and over ground,
different sceneries from the window.

The long-wide work express the timeline, based on the sketches with silk screen, ink, acrylic, pen and
stitch. From left to right, the day in jubilee line passes in the painting. It attempts to depict timeline on
a painting based on reconsidering how painting can express different fanction of time in video.

a part of "Jubilee Line 011012 06:26 - 24:04"